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Milano Stand 2019 c/o ONDARRETA

Milan is presented as the main world exponent of the furniture sector. A neutral scenario where only exhibition modules emerge that are taken with respect to the introduction of the product. An exhibition design made entirely of a single material that fills the entire space with NATURAL WOOL SHAPES

The solemnity conveyed by felt due to the balance of its tonality and acoustic properties, is interrupted by a very measured intervention of overlapping planes created by felt canvases. A gesture of rupture carried out through vertical planes of more than 5m. Tall.

This fragmentation is underlined by the rhythm created by the canvases that encourage adjacent surfaces to create a repeating pattern of light and shadow that extends the full length of the space.

Large-format printing with a traditional screen printing of the brand logo opens an exploration in the search for new graphic compositions. An application available to the visitor and his point of view, creating forms and graphic stains of free interpretation. This application enhances the value of opposites, in the richness of textures that are created between ink stains and wool.