At Pensando en blanco we understand the need to protect the environment and preserve and care for our planet. We apply a maxim of using, as much as is possible, materials, printing processes, manufacturing, and sustainable natural fibers as a principle in developing our projects.

We understand that our projects cannot be entirely respectful of the environment because of the details and circumstances of each. Accordingly, we work for and dream of a context in which the messages of sustainability put forward by brands, corporations and professionals are not void assertions made only to benefit from the value of sustainability, but that they truly incorporate this value and reflect a reality in which institutions, industry and professionals build based on respect, sustainability, and shared responsibility with the environment.

As members of the 1% For the planet® association, Pensando en blanco gives 1% of its yearly revenues to actions of conservation, preservation, and care of our natural environment and, as a part of the agreement, it promotes the use of raw materials offered by nature itself, when developing projects, products, materials, and weaves.

1% for the planet® is an alliance of companies that understand the need to protect the environment and that are aware that our wins and losses are directly related to planetary health. Contributing with 1% of yearly net sales to ecologist groups, members of 1% For the planet® work to bring awareness and pave the road to a context of stronger responsibility among the business community with the support and recognition of consumers who value our awareness and serious commitment with the environment.

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