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Apartamento VA

Located on a slope of the Pyrenees, this apartment addresses the challenge of maintaining the essence of the architecture of the '80s in which it was built. The classic pine wood wall coverings invite us to make a reinterpretation, seeking a mirrored application as a sandwich on floors and ceilings, enhancing the feeling of packing and warmth in the space. The proposal optimizes the sensation of warmth against a necessary climate such as that of the Pyrenees.

The strength of the upper and lower plane in wood acts as a catalyst for the entry of light into the space, directing and attenuating the incoming light, directing it with another intensity.

A triangular-shaped window is presented as a unique architectural element of the building and interior of the apartment, merging with the contours of the landscape while offering views of the mountain. This element is transformed into a large sofa that covers practically the entire space, with the ability to vary its dimensions with an extension at the bottom of it, enhancing the main functionality of the space, rest.