Rammed Earth Pique-Nique c/o CLA (RONDA)


The benches, made from rammed earth, result from an experimental process in which we test the limits of building an architectonic element with the place’s own raw materials. It’s a sustainable intervention in which we optimize natural resources offered by the Parque Natural de la Sierra de Las Nieves (UNESCO).

We used the rammed earth construction technique in which walls are built by filling a formwork with different layers of humid clay earth compacted by hand with a rammer. This way we developed a proposal based on the principle of working in line with UNESCO’s Man and Biosphere program, which seeks a balanced and sustainable relationship between people and their environment.

The terrain’s geological characteristics, the difficult access, and our respect for the landscape constitute the main axis along which the intervention was based.

The modules were designed to generate a situation in a wine cellar that extends the visitors’ experience allowing them to enjoy the wines and their environment from strategic points that emerge and rest in different parts of the landscape. EARTH / WATER / CLAY


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