Wine Storage Space c/o CLA (RONDA)

For more than 20 years a legacy of the cellar’s best years has built up. For this collection we have designed an underground space where thermic and acoustic control conveys the balance and harmony necessary to safekeep, contemplate, and taste the wines.

The design is based on thoroughly reducing the elements and materials used to their simplest expression. This proposal leads to an excavation in the limestone floor of the cellar placed under the tasting room. The exclusive design of this circular protective space consists of two unique stone pieces that make up the modular construction in which each year’s bottles are arranged.

The cave is potentiated by a skylight which, from a central point in the ceiling, lets in a focal light destined to draw attention to the stone totem and the wine resting atop. In this case, the totem is the link with the product presentation in the exhibition room.

The result is a sensual space where the primary experience of being underground acquires more value and generates a desire related to the product’s contemplation, the warmth of light, the selection of materials, and the proportions of space.

Each of the cellar’s spaces incarnates a manifesto of materials, design and execution but nowhere is this expressed so forcefully as in this sacristy, where nature and product are one. LIMESTONE