Apartment c/c HONDARRIBIA

The refurbishing of this home at the historic quarter of an emblematic village seeks to maintain the character of the place, exposing architectonic elements from its interior and respecting the original construction’s main features.

Whitewashed walls and ceilings frame a calm space opening to a view of the Cantabrian Sea, which seems to enter the house and expand into the living room. Thanks to a big, covered terrace it’s possible to enjoy the landscape throughout the year remaining sheltered by architecture.

The furniture, especially designed and manufactured to-measure in solid oak, precedes a central hallway which underscores the place’s lengthy extension while serving as a bridge between day and nighttime zones located at two ends of the house. The night zone is projected towards the sunset with bedrooms and a staircase leading to a sloped zone that is used as a studio. LIMESTONE / SOLID OAK