Construcción reticular de imágenes. objetos, espacios y palabras aleatorias

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Aligned with the vision of the tools brand Bahco®, we have realised this corporative clip to claim the values ??and the product of the brand Bahco®. With the intention to recover in a few minutes, the value of the trades of yesteryear, of the recovery of the craft and of the techniques used by Ribera shipwrights in the reconstruction of traditional boats, we entered the traditional shipyard of the Albaola Association.

Located in the port of Pasaia-Pasajes, Euskadi, they follow the tradition of the shipyards, who, since the sixteenth century, managed to make this port one of the most important naval industries in the world. From here, hundreds of expeditions set sail towards Terranova aiming to capture whales.

The Albaola association, has spent years rebuilding small boats, recovering piece by piece the craft and the artisanal way of working, enriching themselves with the knowledge of the techniques, materials and tools used by artisans of yesteryear: gouges, chisels, keys, nails, harpoons, anchors, chains, ropers, sailboats, coopers, blacksmiths, fir trees, acacias, oaks, are part of the meticulous reconstruction of their vessels in a peculiar and authentic manner to understand maritime heritage.

Believing that their main objective was the construction of traditional boats, time has helped them understand that this is only the means, the way to recover a lost world, full of knowledge, experience and wisdom shared by all the crewmen.

In addition to build their boats, they have sailed with along different coasts around the world with a very intimate way of navigating, faithful to the values ??of a land, a culture and a country.

30 years ago, in Northern territories, Red Bay, Labrador, Canada, it was possible to identify one of the hundreds of galleons departed from our lands; sunken. Thanks to the work and study of Canadian archaeologists, they can face their next challenge, a new adventure; the reconstruction of a 22 m vessel, an exact replica of a ship of 1,563; El Galeón San Juan.