Construcción reticular de imágenes. objetos, espacios y palabras aleatorias

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3sesenta is the first and longest running surf magazine in Spain. After 20 years and 123 issues spreading the latest news on the surf scene, the project is presented as an occasion to deliver the best possible printed medium for the best surfing.

The editorial project has been implemented along with Sancho Rodríguez as head editor, focusing on the potential to encourage and create new challenges amongst photographers, contributors and industry, with the aim to create the best possible surf media. From this new editorial and art management, with a new graphic identity, the new project offers an approach open to all the surfing community aiming to reflect the daily updates on national surfing, as well as its international repercussion.

On a visual level, all minor ornaments and bits of information are eliminated to enhance at most our contributors photographic and editing work, carving a path where typography and photography coexist and share maximum respect.
The hierarchical combination of typography, where bodies and volumes of the same family are constantly combined from the magazine?s masthead to the headlines and outstanding information inside _ attempts to be in line with the constant fluctuation and evolution of surfing limits, higher and higher every day.

This typographic movement becomes a hallmark in the magazine's new stage.
 Image of 3sesenta®