Construcción reticular de imágenes. objetos, espacios y palabras aleatorias

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Savage®Cinema II
Savage®Cinema II
Art direction of the official section of the San Sebastián International Film Festival, SavageCinema. A new section of action and adventure sports films, which brings together the best action films and of adventure sports.

The image of the section focuses on exploring the culture of the motorbike, in a tour of the icon and image of this year, the bike IMPOSTOR by El Solitario.

The architecture of the bike and its sound maps, show themselves in the crudest form in order to shape the audiovisual graphics of the section. Forms, textures, colors and sounds that help us imagine the awakening of an animal, IMPOSTOR (El Solitario).

Dir.: Sancho Rodriguez
Creative Dir.: Borja Garmendia
Graphics: Thinking white
F: © Iker Basterretxea
Video: Esteban Ramos
Editing: Carlos Guzman